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Recently I moved from the city to the high desert and traded in a city lifestyle for a country lifestyle.

All my articles are my own opinions based on my life experience. If you disagree with me, at least I know you are thinking.

About me: After four years of college I got into the entertainment field I've driven from coast to coast in the U.S.A. and appeared on radio and TV. When I'm not writing for Hubpages, I work on my longbow skills, do arts and crafts for my stores at http://www.pigglewiggins.etsy.com , http://www.hypnotic.etsy.com, blog like crazy, sew my own costumes, fight with people that tell me to get a real job, and hypnotize my friends into submission. My interests are quite eclectic.

My daily blog: http://craftaday.blogspot.com/

My Twitters: http://twitter.com/raqsgothique (belly dancing) and

http://twitter.com/Craftinator (crafts).

My Squidoo: http://www.squidoo.com/lensmasters/Enchantress

I never dreamed when I joined Hubpages that thousands of people would be reading my words. It is humbling and amazing. Thank you for your helpful tips and comments. I appreciate the hard working hubpages staff and founders as well. They are visionaries. I am enjoying my seventh year on Hubpages.

Yours truly, Fayme Z. Harper


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    1001 Things to Sketch, Draw or Render

    3 years ago

    My original list of 1000 Random Things To Draw was a big hit. But that was years ago so here is my new and improved and alphabetized list. Use it for fun or to expand your art skills. If your art is stuck in a rut, step...

  • 3

    Make Your Own Juggling Clubs the DIY Way

    3 years ago

    Learn to make your own juggling clubs aka juggling pins from simple dowels, discarded plastic soda bottles and tape. A fun diy project for teens and adults. Improve your circus skills.

  • 9

    Garden Crafts: Things You Can Make to Add Whimsy to Your Garden

    3 years ago

    Anyone can have a yard, but if you want an awesome garden with charm and warmth, you can do a lot to make your garden unique and special. Add some whimsy to your home garden by making some of these awesome things. ...

  • 5

    Skirts 101

    6 years ago

    Mini jean skirt Gypsy Skirt. If you've ever been one of those guys that gets dragged on a shopping trip with a woman, you might find the world of skirts very confusing. So many types, styles, colors, patterns. It's a...

  • 5

    Tutorial: Super Simple Belly Dance Skirt Fits Any Size

    6 years ago

    I've been making these skirts for years and just finished another one. Why do I like them? They are quick and easy to make. They use less fabric than most skirts. You can adjust them to fit no matter how much weight you...

  • 5

    Postage Stamp Quilt Build Along

    7 years ago

    I just started a new quilt called a postage stamp quilt because it's made of little squares. I picked 2" squares with 1/4" seams and made a template out of cardboard. Right now I'm sewing the squares into...

  • 141

    Knifty Knitter Long Loom Series

    4 years ago

    This article gives the basic instructions for using a knitting loom from the Knifty Knitter Long Loom series. Photos are provided to help you understand how to do it.

  • 41

    Why I Hate Housework

    4 years ago

    Like many women, I don't have a domestic bone in my body. No Martha Stewart DNA here. I grew up in a family of 7 and our homes were never clean. Which means I never learned to clean house. I make no apologies for it. I...

  • 12

    Polymer Push Mold Doll Faces Tutorial

    4 years ago

    I always wanted to make my own doll faces but I thought it would be way too hard. The project intimidated me. One day I picked up a bunch of flesh toned Sculpey (Polymer Clay) with the intention of making my own push...

  • 3

    Pottery Makes Unique Gifts

    4 years ago

    The start of a wishing well. It needs to harden a little before I can add the next layer. Some gifts you can make with pottery include: Bottles, dishes (check for lead free clay and glazes first), candle holders,...

  • 45

    Stick Weaving For a Quick Homemade Gift

    3 years ago

    Learn Stick Weaving so you can make some inexpensive and unusual gifts.

  • 66

    Using a Knifty Knitter Loom

    5 years ago

    Many people are perplexed with knitting. They find it too frustrating what with dropping the needles or dropping the stitches. But recently I purchased a knitting loom called the Knifty Knitter. It is not only a...

  • 9

    Archery Projects for Science Fairs

    8 years ago

    The more I hang out with my friends on Paleo Planet, the more I realize just how much science and testing is involved in archery. There are so many aspects that would make a great science fair project. Think of a bow...

  • 73

    Make a Gypsy Skirt

    3 years ago

    Learn to make a tiered gypsy peasant style skirt with basic sewing skills.

  • 80

    Dating Wisdom: How to know if he likes you

    3 years ago

    Understand how getting into a relationship works and tips for figuring out what went wrong. Practical advice on male and female dating and learning how to do it better. Letting go after a break-up.

  • 12

    Making carnival games

    6 years ago

    Instead of beanbags, you throw plastic bananas through the holes. One of the things our company has provided for events is simple carnival games with an old fashioned flavor. We made them all ourselves, and got better...

  • 6

    Naughty Knitting

    8 years ago

    My first clue that knitting was not just a boring pasttime for little old ladies that didn't have a life was back in the 70's. My father had seen some designer golf club covers somewhere and he decided he wanted to knit...

  • 38

    Crystal Divination

    8 years ago

    I made this chart to help me remember all the crystals I use for divination. Since I find it so useful, I thought maybe others would too. So here it is. For more thorough definitions I recommend a book called Love is...

  • 10

    I Love Hippy Crafts

    4 years ago

    I Love Hippy Crafts I was a mere child when the hippies were spreading philosophies of free love, non-violence and flower power. But it influenced my creative spirit and filled me with original and colorful arts and...

  • 15

    Freeform Knitting and Crochet

    4 years ago

    Are you one of those people that never wanted to color inside the lines? Are you happier inventing your own way of doing things than you are in following a pattern? Do you love wild shapes and textures? ...

  • 11

    Traditional Archery

    3 years ago

    From the day I shot my first arrow, I fell deeply in love with traditional archery. You might say it was love at first flight. And whenever people walk by, they have a very primal reaction to it. In fact, sometimes they...

  • 6

    Wonderful Things You Can Make Out of Gourds

    6 years ago

    Santa Gourd If you are lucky enough to live near a gourd farm, you are in for an amazing arts and crafts opportunity. And even if you don't, many gourd farms will send you gourds through the mail. Tell them what you...

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